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Quiet desperation

CWU action on mail strains

Postal union CWU has launched a new guide to tackle the high rates of workplace strains suffered by mail delivery staff. It says musculoskeletal injuries in Royal Mail are running at over 10 times the rate for workplaces overall.

CWU national safety officer Dave Joyce said the company's track record on safety 'isn't good enough, in fact it's four times worse than the transport industry.' He added HSE 'aren't too impressed either' after a programme of delivery office inspections.

'The purpose of the new CWU 'Safe working on delivery guide' is to help our local safety reps and unit reps ensure the risks to health and safety on delivery work are properly controlled... Managers need to start listening to our safety reps and working with them, becoming problem solvers, deploying safety improvements, being compliant with the law, deploying risk control measures and safe systems of work.' He concluded: 'We're in difficult times but health and safety can't be side-stepped and delivery office managers, working with CWU health and safety representatives and delivery staff is the best way of realising health and safety benefits all round.'

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