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Depression hidden because of work stigma

A third of people with clinical depression say they have been turned down for jobs because of their mental health problems, a study has found. More than two-thirds (71 per cent) feared that disclosing their depression to colleagues would have a detrimental impact on their careers, according to the research.

The charity Depression Alliance (DA) spoke to 288 members for the study and found almost half (46 per cent) said having a job helped them to recover. However, members felt there was still a stigma attached to the illness. Many also felt they had been discouraged from taking on exciting projects (51 per cent), had been avoided by colleagues (48 per cent), had received snide comments (47 per cent), and had been passed over for promotion (50 per cent).

This was given as a reason why only a quarter of people with depression informed their personnel department of their condition.

Emer O'Neill, the DA chief executive, said people with depression needed greater support at work. 'Having a job is very important to people with depression so employers and colleagues need to have a much greater understanding of the challenges faced by people with depression, in order to provide the support they need to contribute fully,' she said.

The report found many workplaces do not have structures in place to support their employees. More than nine out of ten (91 per cent) of those questioned said they did not have access to support when required, and more than one in seven (13.6 per cent) said they did not have access to any support at all.

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