Quiet desperation (lexin) wrote in tradeunion_uk,
Quiet desperation

Amazon branded worker a druggie

Internet giant Amazon wrongly branded a worker a druggie and fired him, an employment tribunal has heard.

Khalid Elkhader was awarded £3,453 in compensation after managers at the firm's west of Scotland facility told him he had tested positive for amphetamine and fired him. This case follows a report in Hazards magazine last month that accused the firm of using drug tests 'as a punishment'.

In this latest case, the 33-year-old targeted by Amazon had never taken drugs and was shocked when a random test on 18 September last year was returned positive. He appealed and was asked to take a second test. Amazon claimed the test was also positive, and dismissed him in October 2006 for misconduct. It was only after he took Amazon to a tribunal that he learned the second test had actually been negative.

He was awarded the compensation after the Glasgow tribunal ruled his sacking was unfair.

Both samples held by the company were destroyed before he could arrange independent tests. However, a test by his own doctor was negative. Khalid, who had worked for Amazon for two years, said: 'I'm happy now. I didn't care about the money, I just wanted to clear my name. Everyone who has been dismissed for this should fight for their rights because you can prove you are innocent. Amazon should give people a chance because there isn't a lot of work in this area. They need to change their drug testing procedures.

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